Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Palm Cancels Foleo Companion to Treo

How has Palm managed to hang on all these years? I love my 700P, but can't imagine how the company that brought PDA's to the masses has fallen so far. I weigh about 5lbs more when I carry my svelte 700P in my pocket. If I chose to protect my phone with a plastic do-hickey, it would probably weigh in at an even 8lbs.

Meanwhile, Apple has introduced the iPhone in a form factor that I would kill for with my Palm operating system. Why do I still want Palm after all these years? Open Source. Documents to Go, Slingbox, data streaming and graffiti text entry are not available on the iPhone. The iPhone's interface is 2nd to none, but I don't want to use a virtual keyboard. I don't want to use ANY keyboard. I want to use Graffiti. Palm decided years ago I shouldn't be able to use graffiti on my treo, but thanks to Open Source, Mobile Write has come up with a solution that is fantastic. Not as fantastic as a full screen without a cheesy keyboard, but pretty good.

More to Follow

Arrested Development was Canceled and Cash Cab is Still on TV?

Have you seen Cash Cab? It takes the lamest questions from the likes of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, One vs. 100 and Weakest Link and asks people that have not been screened for TV who just walk off the street into a silly minvan cab.

What is our society coming to?